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GLS Global LLC, can help you manage the accounting and compliance for foreign trusts. Since the U.S. places limitations on the use of foreign trusts, it is sometimes difficult for individuals to claim the correct tax credits or to report the correct foreign trust DNI.

GLS Global LLC offers the following services:

  • Analysis of Foreign trust instrument
  • Recording transactions for foreign trusts (Foreign trusts bookkeeping);
  • Handle all foreign trusts accounting;
  • Compute the Foreign trusts DNI;
  • Capital gains for a foreign trust;
  • Carryover capital losses for a foreign trusts;
  • Generate all required reports;
  • Foreign Non Grantor beneficiary trust beneficiary statements;
  • US Filing compliance;
  • 65-day applications and rules;
  • Form 3520: NRA withholdings.

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In a world where business needs dictate flexibility, innovation and dependability in tax and accounting services, GLS Global, LLC is your solution.

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